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25-04-2011, 06:31 PM


Senior Member

  Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 166


1.Just a quick remainder for GA Members –Michael is attending GA meetings and he is walking and walking…
Incredible young men
Why is he walking across

2.For every GA Women – this website it is a must-ok?

3.I quoted here many, many times an article I am in love with

Do I read all articles by Peter Ferentzy?
Yes, I do.—Twelve-Step-Recovery.html

And it is a pleasure for me to recommend a new Book by Peter Ferentzy
Why the 20th Century Was Wrong

From Peter’s Book

“…What would you think of a doctor who told a cancer patient that treatment of any kind would be a waste of time because the disease is not yet critical? Any intervention at this point would simply interfere with a process that will, in time, produce lots of pain, degradation, and maybe irreparable physical damage. Oh, sure, early intervention might save you the need to have your arm amputated, but losing an arm might be what it takes to change your attitude and make you receptive to treatment…”

I have read a pre-publication copy of some chapters and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about addictions (especially chemical ones)– excellent Book.
And I would like to say to Peter Thank you –for all those years of your support – you are a Great Men

Isia in Poland
In compulsive gambling field I call it Awareness.
Bill Kearney, is (as he calls himself) “an ex-casino gambling degenerate” and the originator of Rep. Paul Clymer HB-587 ‘CASINO MONTHLY STATEMENTS.
(…)And let’s not forget the Self Exclusion Program for those who become addicted to casino gambling. A Self Exclusion Program, what other industry or product in our state do you know of that offers such a provision. How safe is this entertainment venue that it has to have a ‘Self Exclusion Program.’ (…)But all of these provisions that those millions of dollars are paying for addresses the compulsive casino gambling problem ‘AFTER’ not ‘BEFORE’

one has the problem.(…)
(…)But Kearney said the monthly statements would not be intended as a cure for compulsive gamblers. It’s intended to stop people from crossing the line from responsible gambling to compulsive gambling(…).

Regulating Interventions for Disordered Gambling: What New Research Says about Self-Exclusion Programs
“…Despite the popularity of self-exclusion programs, little research has been conducted on their safety and effectiveness. In this webinar, Dr. Ladouceur – one of the few researchers to explore self-exclusion from a scientific perspective – will present his findings from a study of self-exclusion in Quebec and suggest future directions on this topic for researchers, regulators, public policy makers and operators…”

Anyway -dear GA Members – if you will read carefully Suggestions for Coping with Urges to Gamble

on the bottom there is this little line
Again, these are all merely suggestions. Why not figure out the ones that will work best for you?
For me (2006) it was very useful this exercise (later I read it was based on Gestalt therapy)
I drown the line in my room. One corner of the room I named “Me and compulsive gambling”.
The other one “Me without gambling”
For eight hours I was walking between those two corners and I was telling to myself how do I feel.
1st corner – I am unhappy,f…k I feel humiliated,f…k I am broke,f…k I hate myself, f…k, I have nothing f…ketc
2nd corner – what am I going to do now? f…k, I am unhappy,f…k I hate myself , f..k, I don’t want to gamble anymore etc

I really didn’t know at that time how it is going to be without gambling…
At the beginnig of my recovery I was swearing a lot!
And it wasn’t Tourette syndrome – no way!
I was just angry.
So I wrote an email to my GA Sponsor about that and she wrote back to me:
“Swearing it is a way of releasing tension”.
I was so greatful for this little line to Her.

Do I swear today – of course I do – why not (sometimes).
But at the beginning of my recovery I was really scared that in GA I will become some kind of a saint…(as there is a lot about God)Thanks God (!)– I am not (?)(smile).
I was practicing this exercise– and I was working very hard on my recovery and one day there was only one corner for me as I didn’t want to go back to the first corner.
How is it today?– the first corner it is only a remainder of the hell.
And I love a second corner – how do I feel? Great! I feel happy,I like myself,I love GA Reflections, I have met an incredible people during my recovery etc
And because I believe (still) in GA – I say to myself the same as I was tough by
“Arnie Wexler, he chooses his words with care, “I don’t say I’m “recovered.’ I’m constantly recovering.”

Types of gamblers

Which part of GA meeing I liked the best while I was attending GA Meetings?
„What have you done for your recovery since last GA Meeting?”
instead of
„how was your week since last GA Meeting”.

PS I have documented my recovery on the Internet since 1st of May 2006.
This way I can see today what I was doing back then -every single day and what was happening in(on) my mind.
Recovery Journal – in GA people are advised to write it– I didn’t know that when I started my journey.
I was writing and writing – I can call myself “Forrest Gump of recovery from comp. gambling”(smile, smile, smile)

I would like to say thank you to Lynne H – Women with the longest membership in GA – for Her help (help thanks to internet) to organize my hierarchy of values – I will do this exercise (I don’t know how to call it?) till the end of my life.

And I will always remember:
Short Memory
“…There are three times when we should pay this illness all the respect that it is due. The first is when we feel good and strong and things are going well for us. The second is when we are down and things are not going our way. The third is all the times in between…”
Beyond 90 Days

As Arnie Wexler wrote:
“…To get real recovery the gambler needs to work on them self’s one day at a time and get someone to do there thinking for them who has been in recovery some time and has there brains are working right (a sponsor) After some time in recovery there brains will start to work again. They will become productive on there job and become a good father and husband. Recover is a process and does not happen with out a lot of work on your self . and making a moral and financial inventory. But people can recover and do…”

And I will be forever grateful to Marilyn L.-my GA Internet Sponsor

Last edited by Isia; 28-04-2011 at 02:29 AM.


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30-04-2011, 12:43 AM


Junior Member


Join Date: Apr 2011

Posts: 9



I am new to this site .. first time today.

My husband confronted my this morning about what he suspected was happening .. and I decide to come clean with my Gambling Addiction.

I told the whole truth .. decided not to deny it or minimize the amount of damage / debt I have created.

I read over the Phases and WOW. I can clearly remember hitting Phase 1, 2 and 3 .. I am or shall I say WAS in phase 3. Have been for a while.

I knew in my heart that things would only get worse and to see in Phase 4 how much worse it could get is scarey. To say that what was in store for me in Phase 4 would not happen to me .. would not enter my mind, as I would never have thought that ” I ” could even enter into Phase 2 or 3.

I know for fact that in Phase 3 my mind .. thoughts have been changing due to the feeling of desperation. I have no idea about these phases, but wow they are right on.

I have been stopped today !!! I have so much work to do in fromt of me
so much damage to try and repair with my husband IF he is willing to stay with me .. I know he didn’t sign up for this or deserve this … and I am shocked and ashamed that ” I ” COULD and would allow this to happen.

I try to wrap my brain around how this happened?? Why ???? I am so much better than this, smarter .. what did I do?? Why??

I have been stopped .. but I need to get to the core of this. I can never allow myself to fall again. Failure in this is not an option.

I have tried to stop before .. but those times, it was all done in private.
My secret was safe …. now my husband knows, my secret is out, and I am reaching out on this forum and will reach out to councelling to get this cancer removed from my life.

I have a habit of not trusting people .and working thru my problems internally, but this time .. I will have to ask for help and not do this alone, as being alone .. got me in, and in deep.

I am looking to support and get support from others.

Those going thru this, you are not alone, and those who have more than
5 hours of freedom from gambling .. I would love to hear your story and get some advice.



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30-04-2011, 04:58 AM


Senior Member

  Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 166



This is GA Corner.
And GA is like a cake.
In order to bake a good cake you have to use certain ingredients.
One of those ingredients it is a Cleaver Sponsor.
And then you can taste the Best Cake in the World –GA Wisdom- till the end of your life.


1.And that is why –if you like –go to GA Meeting for Newcomer, read and Learn to listen and Listen to learn and write!:

2.find a Sponsor
“…Compulsive gamblers who want to recover and get a stress free life must find a “sponsor” someone who will do their thinking for them. A “sponsor” should be someone who has been in recovery for some time and has a real knowledge of how compulsive gamblers feel…”

3. start reading how other Women did it
GA Recovery Steps


4.Can (for a Women ) GA recovery be done without this Book? For me it was a milestone and I strongly recommend it:

5. Regards to Charts of Compulsive Gambling and Recovery (for comp. gamblers, for Seniors, for Adolescent) and all the other Phases:
I think it is useful to check it from time to time– to find out – you are not alone and it can be done
but one has to remember about Luck of Knowledge versus Denial at the same time

6.There is a lot on the Internet today about phases of comp.gambling.
I like:
1.Dr. Custer (GA) identified the progression of gambling addiction as including three phases:

2. “…There are three phases of progression. The first is called the “Winning Phase”…”



Phases of Problem Gambling

And so on…And so on…And so on…

But Today I like the most this one:

“…However, for escape problem gamblers who gamble at games of luck, no winning phase exists. It is more like an Introductory Phase. On occasion there are winning episodes, but not phases. They may or may not have a big monetary win. For them, „winning” may have to do more with the empowerment that comes from entering a world which is free from outside controlling factors which provides a narcotic-like relief or escape from their worries. They are into phase two, the chasing stage, almost immediately and reach the third phase of desperation and fourth phase, hopelessness, within two to three years. They often seek professional counseling prior to attending their first self help meeting. Adapted from material written by Don Hulen, AZCCG…”

Dear bper
start your journey -if you like -and write


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02-05-2011, 11:16 PM


Senior Member


Join Date: Oct 2008

Posts: 166


Regards to post dated 25-04-2011, 06:31 PM

Peter Ferentzy will be on the 420 Radio Show on, from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern Time, Tuesday Night on

I quoted here many, many times an article I am in love with

And it is a pleasure for me to recommend a new Book by Peter Ferentzy
Why the 20th Century Was Wrong

One more time – Peter, thank you for all those years of your support…



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14-05-2011, 06:36 PM


Senior Member

  Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 166


an interesting website

Do I like Novels by Dan Brown?
Yes I do.

Do I like GA Literature?
I love it.

But in order to understand cipher (code) of GA – well it takes a lot of effort…
This one was easy as it was explained to me by my internet GA Sponor -Marilyn L.:
Step 3
“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of this Power of our own understanding”
Will = thoughts
Our lives = actions
Open mind = without prejudice

Do I like this website?
Yes, although this one is about AA (Steps).
„…There is no strong distinction in Jewish tradition between prayer, meditation, and confession. Speaking generally, prayer is the presentation of a petition to God; meditation is listening to God’s Decision; and confession has elements of both prayer and meditation…”

But in order to understand and “to feel” Step 11
11.Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

I had to remind to myself Kierkegaard’s philosophy ( contact between God and a human being) and problem of “knowledge” – Plato and Socrates. (I was writing about it on my website in 2008-02-17, 04:38)
“To stand on one leg and prove God’s existence is a very different thing” wrote Soren Kierkegard, “from going down on one’s knees and thanking Him.” (MAY 3 Reflection for the Day).

As to God’s Plan – long time ago I had finished a very difficult studies – I was studying philosophy and World Literature – on the fifth year of my studies – for a year I was studying American Literature.
During my gambling years I was asking God often – what for I was studying, what for such a big effort?
Did I ever expect one day it will be easier for me to understand GA? And to love GA Reflections?



Step 6
“…When the gambling impulse drives us blindly, we wilfully demand, and in some way obtain, the means with which to gamble…”

Step 11
“…It is by letting the gambling urge die that one awakens to the G.A. way of life…”
(„12 Steps as per blue book & Combo Page 17”)

Last edited by Isia; 17-05-2011 at 07:24 PM.


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27-05-2011, 11:28 PM


Senior Member


Join Date: Oct 2008

Posts: 166


self exclusion by GA

I am the person who confirmed with my life – cleverness of GA USA.
As I did many, many things without knowing the GA Programm ( at the beginning).
And then, when GA Programm was send to me by my GA Internet Sponsor I was amazed – I was going by myself in a right direction.
First GA meeting took place in 1957.
GA has more then 50 years of experience – not a lot of Literature in quantity terms.
But what a quality of it!

And there is a verbal tradition – passed to GA members by GA Sponsors…

self-exclusion program
“…The publication also features commentary from Kevin Mullally, general counsel and director of government affairs at Gaming Laboratories International and the author of the first state self-exclusion program implemented in the United States, as well as an appendix outlining self-exclusion programs in the United States and in select international jurisdictions…”

I think, there was a time in USA, were people could gamble only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
So they could self exluded themselves easily.
Today people can gamble everywere. And it is impossible to make self exclusions everywere.
As when impulse and urge attacks – well…(after all what the wigs are for?)

On the 2007-09-19, 03:20 on my Web site I wrote:

Self Exclusion

Once to a GA Meeting came a men and he said:
F…what are you doing here?
He looked sleepy and very tired.

And he told us such a story:

I self excluded myself in every casino in a city I live.
But I woke up at night and I had the feeling I have to gamble.
So I went to my car and I drove to the nearest city – to casino.
I lost all my money so I self excluded myself.

I was happy about it.

One week later I had to (!) gamble again.
So I went to my car and I drove to a far away city – to casino and then gambling club.
I lost all my money so I self excluded myself. F…k!

After some time he self excluded himself in casinos and gambling clubs all over Poland.

He came to our (Original GA) meeting stright away from casino in Slovakia.
That is why he was sleepy and very tired.
And he said:

F…k what are you doing here?

And I said:
F…k take a sit and f…k watch.

And that is how he started his abstinence and recovery…


Real self exclusion -that is how it is done in GA:
(YOU do it!!!)

Don’t go in or near establishments where gambling is available, including web sites on the Internet. Shop in stores or supermarkets that are gambling-free or where gambling is out of sight.
Don’t look at anything that will remind you of gambling – for example, the sports or stock market sections of the newspaper, lottery tickets, racing programs, or advertisements for casinos or other forms of gambling.
Don’t associate with people who gamble. (This may mean curtailing relationships with friends or relatives.)
Avoid getting caught up in conversations about gambling.


pardon me for giving a link to my web site – and to this story – just in case -some polish suffering comp.gamblers reading it – ok?

I wrote once an article about Gamblers Anonymous phenomenon – please read carefully :

Humility by Cassandra Dream:
“…You see, there could be one ending to all those movies, Gamblers Anonymous meetings, the place of the Biggest Games in this World between Angels who went through the Hell of compulsive gambling and now try to whip away human souls from the Devil. Is there any other game which can give a better thrill? I tasted it. It tasted delicious. It is the most difficult game where the stake is a human life. What is important is the reward which is Humility Towards Everything, which is what Woody Allens’ movie is all about…”

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20-06-2011, 10:46 AM


Junior Member

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Location: Laval

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hahahahah you so funny Rusty, that was a good one, you gave me the laugh in my misery, I think at one point we all go like „on the woman band” to escape…cause I was a Video Poker machines gambler and my best past time to escape from life was to gamble.


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20-06-2011, 02:36 PM


Junior Member


Join Date: Jun 2011

Location: Small town

Posts: 21


Phase 2

I was definitely into Phase 2

I isolated myself from family and friends because I was scared they would either already know I had a problem or find out and I didn’t want to have to face them.

I had suffered from depression before my „gambling career” and being in the grips of my addiction made it a hundred times worse. However, because I was in the grips of my addiction I could see that. I thought my pills weren’t working or it was stress from work.

I am so happy to be away from the VLT’s (video lottery terminals). I am 11 months into recovery and feel amazing. I am still dealing with alot of issues but life is much better now.

Amen to that!

Lola C.



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